How I Started My Lawn And Landscape Business From Home

25 Aug

Landscape Business

So this leads to a demand for lawn businesses. When I started my lawn and landscape business I had to invest in few tools and expensive equipment to handle jobs. You must have good tools and equipment to mow lawns or to haul mulch and have some knowledge on how to plant shrubs and small trees for customers Landscape Business. Building a good customer base is needed to maintain your business and to be profitable. When all your expensive equipment trailer truck and riding mowers are paid for you will have good income and profits and you can either grow your lawn and landscape business or try and keep it small local.

Landscape Business

Landscape Business

This has been profitable for me. And its good to have 2 riding mowers before you start your lawn and landscape business. Most of my customers are older individuals that are not able to go out. Customers like to see you take care of the yard and keep it up nice that’s why they pay you. You have to run ads in the news paper to find more customers and you can choose which customers are best and do the yards that best fit your business equipment and needs. If one mower is down you will have a backup mower to do the job.

First you have to be willing to work with customers. Some of your customers are very nice people and they even tip you extra cash at times which is good. Starting a lawn and landscape business from home is not as easy as people say. So if you are planning to start a lawn and landscape business plan your business and make sure you have plenty of yard space for your equipment and can easily go in and out of your own yard. Planning ahead for future growth is very important and will prevent you from having to buy extra.

Landscape Business

Being a small local only lawn and landscape business gives me more free time and I know the area which makes running my business easy Landscape Business. Major equipment needed for your lawn and landscape business are truck trailer riding mowers. I prefer to stick with local customers residential small yards which are easy to mow and only take few minutes.

Landscape Business

Landscape Business


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