Landscape Gardening – Selecting Rose Bushes For a Dry Mediterranean Garden

25 Aug

Landscape Bushes

Alternatively a blotch of crimson or Bordeaux flowers in a garden that is predominantly pastel would probably strike a discordant note. A group of roses should either fit into the garden’s color scheme or be the starting point perhaps the focal point from which the other plants and garden elements take their cue. Randomly throwing colors together is simply poor taste and can never create a satisfying composition. If roses could be successfully grown in the shade or even filtered sun then pastel colored flowers might be fine but as they need a good six hours a day of direct sun the hot colors tend to be more effective in such climates.

Landscape Bushes

Landscape Bushes

If a hot or warm color theme were wanted then the reds oranges and deep yellows are suitable. For magnificent flowers and a powerful color composition rose bushes are still number one. The pastel colors like sky blue pink and pale lemon for example look at their best in the soft light of Britain or Ireland but weak and insipid in the harsh fierce sun light of a Mediterranean or Southern Californian summer. Hybrid tea roses such as the varieties Chrysler Imperial Papa Meilland or Peace typically have large individual flowers.

Roses are classified into a number of groups which not only indicate the size of the bush itself but also the form and shape of the blooms Landscape Bushes. The intensity of the sun light either enhances or dissipates the quality of different colors. From a landscape gardening point of view roses traditionally known as the “Queen of the Garden” are still unmatched in the color design options they provide Landscape Bushes. The individual flower of the floribunda group. Although there are many cultural requirements to consider while selecting rose bushes it is worthwhile to be clear from the outset as to the design role they are meant to play in the garden.

Landscape Bushes

Many of course are highly fragrant as well. They are best close to entrances and walkways where the architectural wonder of the flowers’ form can be appreciated.

Landscape Bushes

Landscape Bushes


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