Finish Off Your Landscape With Elegant Brick Edging

27 Aug

Landscape Brick Edging

But if you ask her about it she’ll say that she likes the way everything looks. There’s not much point to that story except to say that either you have good taste or you don’t and if you don’t have good taste hopefully you’re self-aware enough to know it and hire someone else to do your designing! What makes good taste? Well it’s not necessarily a liking for wood over metal or metal over plastic. Because there weren’t enough of the edgers to stretch to all the flowerbeds she’d interspersed the edgers with those same old broken bricks and rocks. So it rather spoiled the effect Landscape Brick Edging. As with any other landscaping accessory these bricks come in a vast variety of colors and designs so that you’re sure to find something you like.

Landscape Brick Edging

Landscape Brick Edging

So he and I went to a local home improvement store and bought about a dozen scalloped brick edgers for her to use instead. We brought them home and then went off again on another errand. All that is a matter of personal taste and is not necessarily bad or good. If you do have an eye for design then you’ll probably find that your landscaping can be set off quite elegantly with the addition of brick patio stones paving stones and landscape edgers.

But if you’re going to have a series of bookcases in your home for example they should be all the same design – all wood all metal all plastic – so that they match and don’t detract from the eye Landscape Brick Edging. There’s no doubt about it when it comes to designing landscaping my mother does not have any taste. When we returned my mom had already put the brick edgers in place the way she wanted them. A few years ago my dad got tired of the mis-matched rocks and broken bricks that my mom used to line the flower beds around our house. That’s the key to good taste.

Landscape Brick Edging

Only please buy enough so that you can use them on every project and if you run out – go back to the store and get more! Don’t ruin the effect by adding broken brick and rocks…it just doesn’t. My dad just threw up his hands and gave up.

Landscape Brick Edging


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