Basic Landscape Edging Options

3 Sep

Landscape Border Edging

Edging placed on very wet ground may move and shift while the soil is drying Landscape Border Edging. If a decorative effect is not desired by the gardener for his edging or lawn then installation and time will be saved by selecting inground edging and also for later on when kits time to trim the plants weeds or grass around the edging. When installing a landscape edging timing is crucial. Inground and aboveground are the two types of basic landscape edging options. Wood in comparison is easily manoeuvred as it is a lightweight but it wears out with time even when it is properly cared for.

Landscape Border Edging

Landscape Border Edging

Though masonry is appealing and durable it is difficult to move if the person installing it is working alone. Being his heavy metal or stone lawn edging is not as affected by this shifting Landscape Border Edging. Plastic however not just a lightweight but it is also cost effective though it may not be so appealing aesthetically. The material for landscape borders should also be considered by gardeners. Installation becomes less difficult if you chose the most suitable kind of landscape border to meet the needs and wants of a gardener allowing him more time to take pleasure in his flower beds or yard.

Inground edging is seated flush within the ground and has little or no ornamental appeal. When choosing to install masonry features such as paver edging it is better to get the assistance of a friend. The same groundwork is needed for installing aboveground edging as is for inground edging but more manoeuvring during installation to get the component of the aboveground to sit in a manner that is pleasing. Avoid the installation of any kind of yard edging right after heavy rains.

Landscape Border Edging

A gardener should consider why he wants to begin installing edgings of physical landscape before he actually does it. Aboveground edging however is firmly planted in the ground and has a decorative rim that peeps above earth’s surface. As it relates to installing using and maintaining edgings each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Landscape Border Edging


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