Landscaping Blocks Around Trees – Things to Keep in Mind

3 Sep

Building a wall or block around a tree has to be done cautiously. Otherwise you could be harming the tree. A good 3-6 feet from the trunk would be good enough but you also need to keep in mind the relative size of the tree. Here’s a practical steps to guide you with this project: 1. Set the blocks in its place. Stack the blocks to build the wall around the tree. 4 Each offers beauty and charm of its own Landscape Block. And to add more charm and design you could have some landscaping blocks around trees. To make sure the block is built at an even distance you can tie a rope at the base of the trunk.

I’ve seen many landscaping blocks of different designs. Trees offer lots of benefits in any given area. This is done to make sure that the foundation is evenly built. And if you want you could also add a flower bed to surround the tree. Once you’ve defined the circle where you’re going to set the blocks you need to dig 2-3 inches down. It can do loads of good if you have many of them within your property. In this step you have to make sure that you provide the roots of the tree adequate space for its nourishment. After digging you need to level the area where you’ll set the blocks.

3 In some instances you may have to adjust the blocks use a rubber mallet or even remove it to retamp the soil. Make sure the roots of the tree is not harmed when you do this. For this step you need to select the most even blocks that you have. Mark the outline of the area where you’re going to set the blocks. 2 Talk about getting the most out of a good landscaping idea. Then you can simply use this as a guide to mark the area where you’ll be setting the blocks around the tree.

You can use a plate compacter if you have this tool to make this process easier. Make sure that the bricks or blocks are stacked in such a way that makes it very sturdy Landscape Block. Set the foundation of the block. This way you can spend an afternoon sitting under a tree completely shaded from the heat of the sun.


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