A Landscape Architecture Education – What is Landscape Architecture?

8 Sep

Landscape Architecture

A Landscape Architecture education encompasses all areas of the land which makes it different than landscape design. Many subjects will give you a thorough understanding and will enable you to design professionally no matter what the challenge. That client may not only want a beautiful landscape but also have certain problems that need to be solved. There is so much more but this covers some of the common landscaping challenges. You might be working on a project for a client. Examples Water pooling on the property When and how to design retaining walls Property conditions and appropriate plants to use Choosing and designing hardscape materials Creating steps Including outdoor lighting for aesthetics and safety All about plants Grading to prevent water issues How to design for both creativity and function.

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture

Plants Landscape Design Courses Geology Course Surveying Training Soils Construction Grading and Drainage Computerized Drawings – CAD Landscape Lighting Environment All of these subjects help to make you a professional designer Landscape Architecture. Most universities offer four year programs.

A degree in this field will familiarize you with the particular issues topics and prepare you for problem solving Landscape Architecture. Subjects You will Learn About Although many other areas might be covered here are some of the main subjects you can expect to take for a Landscape Architecture Education. The exam will cover such things as Design Grading and Drainage Construction Law and so on. While you most likely won’t be an expert in all areas at least you will have the knowledge to tackle any requirements or necessities. At the end you will receive either a Bachelors of Science in Landscape Architecture (BSLA) or a Bachelors of Landscape Architecture (BLA).

Landscape Architecture

To become either certified or registered you must take an extensive exam.

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture

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